best fire-boltt smartwatches under 2500

Smartwatches are too demanding in the market these days. In this article, I will mention the 6 Best fire-boltt smartwatches which you can get under 2500.

Multiple brands are there in the market but not all the brands are performing better. Selecting the better brand is also an important factor that’s why in this article I will only mention the smartwatches belonging to the fire-boltt brands.

Fire-boltt is one of the top brands in the market which manufactures the best smartwatches at low prices.

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Without further taking the time let’s check out the 6 best smartwatches by fire-boltt brand. You can buy under 2500 only.

List of the Best fire-boltt smartwatches under 2500

  • Fire-Boltt Talk Pro
  • Fire-Boltt Tank
  • Fire-Boltt Rise
  • Fire-Bolt Talk
  • Fire-Boltt Dynamite
  • Fire-Boltt Ninja Bell

So, these are the fire-boltt smartwatches that are best under 2500 RS in India. Also, I will mention all the details about these smartwatches so that you can select the best one for you among these. The list has both circular dial and square display watches.

1. Fire-Boltt Talk Pro

First on the list is fireboltt talk pro which is a circular dial watch. The design of the watch is attractive and also it has six color options available through which you can select the best one for you. Now let’s take a look at the features of this smartwatch.

Fire Boltt Talk Pro | best  fire-boltt smartwatch under 2500
  • It comes with a 1.32-inch (33mm) Display which can provide a resolution of 360×360.
  • There are 60 sports modes available in this smartwatch. However, all the sports modes are not usable.
  • It also has Bluetooth calling through which you can call using a smartwatch.
  • Because of Bluetooth calling it comes with an inbuilt mic and speaker.
  • IP68 Water Resistance is also there. Which can allow you to use it in any situation without fear of water.
  • Also, there are SPO2, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Voice Assistance, Inbuilt Games, Sedentary Reminder, Camera Control, Female Health Care, Camera Control, and much more.
  • It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which is not the latest in the market but Bluetooth 5.0 is enough.
  • Physical appearance is also an important factor. It has a button and a circular liver both are used to access the smartwatch easily.
  • The weight of the Smartwatch is around 51g.
  • Talking about battery life: it can easily provide battery backup for up to 3-5 days in normal use and 30 days in standby mode.
  • Six different color options are available selecting from red, black, and pink to green, grey, and blue.
Fire Boltt talk Pro multiple colours
Best Part Of This SmartwatchWorst Part of this Smartwatch
Weight is not that heavy
Ip68 water resistance
Circular dial watch
360×360 resolution
Bluetooth calling
Six color options are available
Bluetooth 5.0
Only 6 sports mode
The price is a little bit high; although it is under 2500.

2. Fire-Boltt Tank

The fire boltt tank comes with a square display and multiple color options are there. Fireboltt tank is different from other smartwatches in the list because it is crack resistance as well as dust resistance and splash resistance. Let’s take a look at all the features of this smartwatch so that we can better make our choice.

Fire Boltt tank smartwacth | Fire-Boltt smartwatches under 2500
  • It comes with a Bluetooth calling option which is normal nowadays. It comes with almost all watches these days.
  • The display size of this fire boltt smartwatch is 1.85 inches (46.5mm) which is the biggest among these watches on the list. Also, it has a resolution of 240×280.
  • Talking about sports mode, It comes with 123 sports modes where most of the sports are useless.
  • Also, it has multiple features comes as an SPO2 monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Inbuilt Games, Voice Assistance, and much more.
  • Water Proofing is an important feature in all smart watches. It comes with IP67 water resistance which you can use during baths or in rain as well.
  • It has an Inbuilt mic and speaker. So, that people can easily make calls from smartwatches.
  • The weight of this smartwatch is 50 grams.
  • The Bluetooth version that comes with this smartwatch is 5.1, which helps to make connections smoothly.
  • Three color options are available, Black, Grey, and Green. You can select accordingly.
  • The battery life of tech gadgets is one of the important factors. This smartwatch can provide battery backup of 5 to 7 days in normal mode and up to 20 days in standby mode.
  • Some of the best features make this smartwatch better than others in this list. Almost all smartwatches have multiple watches faces there but this smartwatch has multiple UI styles also through which you can customize or change the UI style as well as watch faces.
  • Last it comes with 1 yr brand warranty.
Fire Boltt tank side view
The best part of this smartwatchThe worst part of this smartwatch
Multiple UI Style for customization
Bluetooth 5.1
Inbuilt mic and speaker
123 sports mode
1.85-inch screen size
Battery life
Splash proof
Crack Resistance
Only 3 Colour are available

3. Fireboltt Rise

Fireboltt rise is also a square-display smartwatch. The design and look of this watch are good, also the color combination is very attractive. Now let’s see all the features of this smartwatch in detail.

Fire Boltt Rise Smartwatch
  • The display size of this smartwatch is 1.85 inches (45.9mm) which have a resolution of 240×280.
  • Four Colour options are there. Black, Gold Black, Beige, Grey.
  • Bluetooth calling is also available in this smartwatch through which you can make or receive calls directly from the watch.
  • Sports modes are there in all the smartwatches out there. This smartwatch comes with 123 different sports modes. Where of course all are not usable at all.
  • It comes with IP67 Water Resistance.
  • Also, there are inbuilt-speaker and a mic for Bluetooth calling as well as playing music directly on your smartwatch.
  • There are SPO2 monitors, Voice Assistance, Inbuilt Games, and much more features.
  • 8 UI styles are also there through which you can customize your UI accordingly.
  • Bluetooth version is 5.1.
  • Talking about battery life then it comes with a strong battery that can provide you a backup of 7 days in normal use and also you can run this smartwatch for 15 days if you use it in standby mode.
Fire Boltt rise silver

Now let’s take a look at the best part of this smartwatch as well as the worst part of this smart.

Best Part of this smartwatchWorst Part of this smartwatch
Bluetooth Version 5.1
Battery Life
8 UI Styles are there
123 Sports mode
Inbuilt speaker & Mic as well as Bluetooth Calling
1.85-inch display size.
The screen size is a little bit big for a small wrist.
The resolution can be better
Only Four Colour Options

4. Fireboltt Talk

Fire boltt talk is already a famous product from fireboltt. It is the best budget smartwatch that you can select for under 2500 INR. It has a circular display which looks attractive. This smartwatch has the best display as well. Now let’s take a look at all the features of this smartwatch.

Fire Boltt talk front view
  • Firstly it comes in 6 different color options. Grey, Black, Red, Green, Blue, and Gold.
  • It is India’s first Bluetooth-calling smartwatch claimed by the brand.
  • Battery Capacity is 170 mAh.
  • The battery life of this smartwatch is too good. It can provide a backup of 10 days in normal use and up to 30 days if you use this smartwatch in standby mode. if you use this smartwatch for Bluetooth calling then it will last up to 5 days. Which is nice for this price segment.
  • It has also a built-in speaker and mic because of Bluetooth calling.
  • This Smartwatch comes with a display size of 1.28 inches (33mm). It is a 3D HD display and the glass of the display is bevel-curved glass which makes this smartwatch looks more attractive.
  • The display of fireboltt talk smartwatch can support a maximum resolution of 240×280.
  • It has a fully metallic body, making it more strong and more durable.
  • Multiple sports modes are the as well as SPO2.
  • This fireboltt smartwatch has an IP67 rating which is enough in this price segment.
  • The weight of the smartwatch is 60 grams, a little bit heavier than other In this list of best fireboltt smartwatches under 2500.
  • It takes around 2 hours to get the battery charged.
  • Bluetooth version is 5.0.
  • The speaker of this smartwatch can output 50db.
Fire Boltt talk Side view
Best Part of this smartwatchThe worst part of this smartwatch
3D HD display with Bevel Curved Class
Battery Life
6 Colour Options
Metallic Body
Bluetooth calling
Inbuilt Mic and Speaker
Bluetooth Version
Weight is a little bit heavy
The screen Size is a little bit small

5. Fireboltt Dynamite

Dynamite comes with a square display. It has multiple color options available. Multiple watch faces are also there. So, users have many different options available there to select from. Check features of the smartwatch is most important in selecting the best one. So, now let’s talk about the features.

Fire Boltt Dynamite Smartwatch
  • The display size is 1.81 inches (46mm) with a resolution of 240×286.
  • 5 Colour options are there. Black, Blue, Gold Black, Grey, Pink.
  • There is multiple sports mode. It has a total of 123 sports modes. which I earlier mentioned that not all sports modes are usable.
  • Fast charging is also there. It supports fast charging. In 10 min you can charge the smartwatch to use up to 24 hours.
  • In normal use, it can provide a backup of around 5 to 8 days and in standby mode, it can last up to 10 days.
  • Bluetooth version 5.1 is there.
  • Bluetooth calling as well as an inbuilt speaker and mic are also there in this smartwatch.
  • IP68 Water resistance. At his price getting IP68 is more than enough.
  • SPO2, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracking, Drink Water Reminder, Sedentary Reminder, Camera Control, Music Control, and many more features are there in his smartwatch.
Fire Boltt Dynamite Gold-black Colour
The best part of this smartwatchThe worst part of this smartwatch
Display Size
5 Colour Options
Fast Charging
Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth calling
Inbuilt Mic and Speaker
Battery Backup

6. Fireboltt Ninja Bell

It has one of the most color options available. The display size is a little bit smaller. It is a square-display smartwatch. Basically, it has all the features but the different part of this smartwatch is this has a little bit of a small display as compared to others in this list except the circular display smartwatch.

Fire Boltt Ninja bell Gold Chrome
  • The smartwatch comes with a metal case which makes the smartwatch more strong and more durable during the adventure.
  • This ninja bell got an IP68 rating.
  • There are 7 different color options available, and more options to select the best one for you. Black, Navy Blue, Gold Pink, Silver Green, Silver Grey, Gold Black, Gold Purple.
  • The display size it comes with is 1.69 inches (42mm). Smaller than other square display smartwatches in this list. It has a resolution of 240×280.
  • Bluetooth calling is also there with a built-in mic and speaker to talk directly from the smartwatch.
  • Sports modes are there in all the smartwatches the difference is only the number of sports modes. This ninja bell has 60+ sports mode comes in.
  • Voice Assistance, Inbuilt Games, SPO2, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, and many more different features are there in this smartwatch.
  • Talking about the weight, it has a weight of 51 grams.
  • Battery backup is a factor need to consider every time. It can provide a backup of around 5 days in normal use and 28 days in standby mode.
  • This Smartwatch comes with Bluetooth 5.1.
  • The brand will provide a warranty of 1yr which is average on almost all electronic gadgets.
Fire Boltt Ninja Bell black
Best Part of this smartwatchWorst Part of this smartwatch
Bluetooth 5.1
60+ Sports Mode
IP68 Rating
7 different color options are there
Metal Case
Bluetooth calling
Inbuilt Mic and Speaker
Battery Backup
Display size

So, these are the best Fire-Boltt smartwatches under 2500. I hope this post will help you in selecting the best Fireboltt smartwatch for you in your budget of 2500 INR. You can check out my other post where I mentioned how you can buy the best smartwatches, which factor you need to consider at the time of buying new smartwatch

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