Best Gaming Cabinet Under 3000 + Cabinet Buying Guide

These days PC cabinets are too important for any Gamers, Streamers, Techie Guys because the design of the cabinet gives more glamour to their setup. That’s Here are Some of the Best gaming cabinet under 3000. Everyone likes to buy good products and also they want their bought product to look good to everyone. Now In cabinet section Gamers, Streamers and many others Like to buy cabinet which looks good and also want appreciation from other peoples who see their Gaming setup that’s why companies like Corsair, Zebronics, BBC, Antec and many more are continuously trying to create best-designed cabinet day by day for us so that people can buy and make their pc setup looks more beautiful than ever.

Buying a Cabinet or Case is one of the first things for your pc setup because you have no other option to setup pc without including a cabinet that’s what you need to buy it. Your Mother Board, Ram, HDD, Graphics Cards, and more components must be assembled in the cabinet now if you don’t buy it then how can you assemble your pc components. So, you have to buy it. Now to buy a cabinet you need to know that how can you buy the best cabinet in your budget. Below here are 7 best Gaming Cabinets You Can checkout if you want to buy cabinets.

Setup Ideas: Below I am providing some of the best Instagram page or youtube channel you can check out for some best ideas for your pc setup.

List of Best gaming cabinet under 3000

BBC 8879 Gaming CabinetCheck On Amazon
CHIPTRONEX X410B ATX CabinetINR 2099 (Check On Amazon)
Antec NX200 ATX CabinetCheck On Amazon
Zebronics zeb-122R Serenity CabinetINR 1895 (Check On Amazon)
BBC 8865 Gaming CabinetINR 2299 (Check On Amazon)
Aerocool Cylon ATXCheck On Amazon
CHIPTRONEX MX2 CabinetCheck On Amazon
The Price In this list is not same it is the price when i published this post. That’s why check price for better confirmation.

1. BBC 8879 Gaming Cabinet

Here is the first cabinet in this list which is BBC 8879 and the best thing about this cabinet is that this cabinet is specially designed for Gaming Setup and also if we talk about the brand then it designed by BBC which is one of the best brands in pc cabinet section So, if you are a gamer then this is the best cabinet for you and also this is in the budget the price is not that high (at the time of writing this blog) you can check it out now on amazon. Dimension of the cabinet is 50.4 x 48.6 x 23.4 cm. It looks good as you can see the images the front and side is looking awesome. The material used in this cabinet is Acrylic. it has a full glass design at the side and in the front of the cabinet and the bad thing about this cabinet is that this cabinet comes without any fan and SMPS.

The weight of the cabinet without SMPS is around 4KG. there are also the best features and also bad features in this cabinet you can check one by one and then you can decide that which features you want most and which features can you compromise by checking below.

Best Features :

Looks & Design: Looks and Design is the factor I like most in this cabinet it looks good with front and side glass panel and the design is also good with the plain finish around.

Fan Slots: After Looks and Design the best factor I focused on is the slots for fans so, here you can install 7 fans in this cabinet (2 in front, 2 top, 1 rear, 2 pus tube) which is best in any cabinet.

Motherboard Support: It can support almost all size motherboard you can fit any size of the motherboard in this cabinet and that is also one of the best features.

What are the Benefits
  • It Comes with Dust Filter
  • 7 Fan Slots
  • One USB 3.0 Port
  • Any Size Motherboard Supported
What are the drawbacks
  • Air Flow Is Not Good
  • No Slots For DVD Write and Floppy Disk
  • Without SMPS(Power Supply)
  • Without Pre Installed Fan

2. CHIPTRONEX X410B Cabinet

The Brand Chiptronex is not that much known in the market but the cabinet is worth the price. The look and design of the cabinet if best at its price it has Acrylic material used inside panel with RGB in front and the best part is that it has a fan pre-installed but on the other hand it does not come with SMPS (power supply) in it and it has 4 fan slot which is good not that much good but the buyer can compromise at this price range. The dimension of the cabinet is 35 x 18.5 x 42 cm and the weight is around 4KG which is good like any best cabinet comes with an average weight of 3 to 5 kg so 4kb is good. Now the main thing in this cabinet is that it comes best at its price but the brand is not that much known in the market so below I in this blog.

I am point on some of the best features of this cabinet with pros. and cons. as well. Check that and then surely you can decide that this cabinet is best for you or not.

Alternative : CHIPTRONEX X310B Mid Tower ATX Cabinet 

Best Features :

Look & Design: Well Look and design is the best feature of almost all the cabinets in the list but something is different in every cabinet. here in this cabinet side panel is transparent where Acrylic material is used and the front is a clean design with RGB which looks beautiful. and the all-around design is a plain finish which looks classy and simple.

Pre Installed RGB Light: This(RGB Lights) makes a cabinet more beautiful looking. in this cabinet RGB light is pre-installed you don’t have to buy it separately and also one best feature you get in this cabinet is it comes with an RGB light controller switch from which you can change the color of RGB light manually.

Motherboard Support: Now in this cabinet you get the support of almost all motherboard sizes but also here in the category of motherboard supported ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX.

What are the Benifits
  • Come With One Pre Installed Fan
  • 4 Fan Slots
  • Design is Simple and Classy
  • Pre Installed RGB Light with Controller in Front
  • One USB 3.0 Port in Front Panel
What are the Drawbacks
  • Water Cooling System Is Not Supported
  • Without SMPS(Power Supply)
  • Air Flow is not Good

3. Antec NX200

In the list, Antec NX200 is the third one which is designed by Antec One of the best brand in this market of pc cabinet. This mainly designed for gaming so the gamers out there can try this out because the company is designed this cabinet, especially for gaming purposes so the look and design is something like a gaming cabinet. it comes with RGB light pre-installed in front but one thing I can say is that the front look is not that attractive compared to others. there is also one fan pre-installed in it which is at the rear side of the cabinet. In this, you can insert almost 2 HDD and 2 SSD in this is also a good feature in this can bee very use full some times also it supports a maximum of 5 fans in it.

The side panel is transparent you can show off your gaming component easily because of the transparent side panel. Now below I will mention one by one about the best features of this cabinet and also specification so that you can easily get detail of this cabinet without wasting much time. Also, I mentioned the pros and cons which helps anyone to check out the cabinet features in detail.

Alternative :

Best Features:

RGB Light Pre Installed: It comes with RGB Light pre-installed which is required thing in all cabinets it makes cabinets look more beautiful and more amazing you can also install RGB light fans to make cabinets look more attractive.

Motherboard Supported: Here Also in this cabinet, you can fit almost all sizes of motherboard it supports all motherboard size category which is best. The motherboard Size category Supported by this cabinet is ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX. you can use any of these motherboard sizes in this cabinet.

5 Fan Slots: It has 5 fan slots which is not that much good but yes you can say that it is good because on an average at least 4 fan slot is required on any cabinet you buy but here you get 5 which more than average and also you get one pre-installed fan in it which is also good.

What are the Benefits
  • One USB 3.0 Port In Front Panel
  • One 120mm Fan Pre Installed
  • 7 Expansion Slots (PCI Slots)
  • 2 HDD and 2 SSD Slots
  • Dust Filter On Top
  • Ventilated PSU compartment for keep power supply cool
What are the Drawbacks
  • Price Is Little Bit Higher
  • Side Panel Is Scratch Prone

4. Zebronics zeb-122R Serenity

Now comes Zebronics zeb-122R Serenity cabinet at number four. I added this cabinet especially for the offices and schools because the look and size of this cabinet is not that much good if you are a gamer or streamer then definitely don’t buy this. The design looks and size is basically created for school and office purpose. Here if we talk about the brand then we all know that zebronics has created their name in the market from many times so we can trust the brand now if we talk about design then we can say that design is of course not good but if you are buying a cabinet for your school or office or you can say any normal purpose then you can go for it and one more thing I can say is that zebronics design almost all cabinets for the normal purpose only they never design very high-end cabinet.

Now let’s see the features we get in this cabinet like others. firstly design so the design is very simple only the front side is a little bit good it looks like something glossy it has a fully metal cabinet with no side glass. The dimension of the cabinet is 30 x 30 x 18 cm and it comes with the weight of 2 kg and the best part is it comes with power supply and DVD write slot and also floppy disk slot in it Now below I am mentioning all the best features in this cabinet and also pros and cons of this cabinet.

Best Features

Comes With DVD Write Slot: Now these days DVD writer is not that much necessary but it’s better to have then no DVD Writer. So in this cabinet, you get that slot for DVD write you have to buy DVD write separately and then install it in the cabinet. if you see other gaming cabinets it does not comes with a DVD writer slot so that why this is one of the best features in this cabinet.

Comes With Floppy Disk Slot: Now also floppy disk is almost not used anywhere in the world but yes if you have slots of then you can install a floppy disk and use it which is not that much bad you can use floppy for some of the small works. so, yes this is also a unique feature in this cabinet you get.

Side Air Flow: Airflow is one of the points to consider while buying the cabinet so, if we talk about airflow in this cabinet then we can say that it is not that much good or best but yes it is better than some other gaming cabinets in this list. we get a fan slot inside the panel which makes airflow work more smoothly.

What are the Benefits
  • Pre Installed SMPS (Power Supply)
  • Weight Is Only 2KG
  • Air vent On Side Panel
  • 1 DVD, 1 Floppy and 6 HDD Slots
What are the Drawbacks
  • Comes Without USB 3.0 Port
  • Support only MicroATX motherboards
  • Design & Looks
  • Only 2 Fan Slots

5. BBC 8865 Gaming Cabinet

BBC once again in the list I already added a BBC cabinet in this list and once again I am adding this because BBC is a trustable brand in this cabinet section as we talked earlier about the brand and BBC design is good and it is in the budget so that’s why I got this once again. Now let’s talk about the feature of this cabinet the design is pretty good best for gamers and streamers. yes, I can say that the width of the cabinet is not good or you can say less than usual cabinets. It comes with a dimension of 51 x 49.6 x 23.2 cm with a weight of around 4Kg which is pretty good because 3-4 KG is the average weight of the cabinets. you get a fully transparent Acrylic side panel through which you can show off your components and also RGB lighting. On the front side of the cabinet, the design is like some transformer thing. you can install almost 7 fans in it. Now below I am mentioning some of the best points of this cabinet in detail and also the pros and cons of buying this cabinet.

Best Features

7 Fan Slots: It comes with 7 fan slots which are best for any gaming cabinet the more slots you get the more possibilities of cooling down your component you can install 2 fans on the top 1 fan on the rear side 2 in front and also 2 in the bottom side of the cabinet.

Air Flow Is Good: Airflow in this cabinet is one of the best things it has a top, bottom rare, and front all side air hole which helps you to make your components cool, dust filter is also installed in it which is useful for not getting dust inside your cabinet.

Motherboard Support: Now the cabinet is capable os supporting all motherboard size you can install all size motherboard in it which is one one the required thing for gamers or streamer because almost all the gaming motherboard come in huge size which is microATX and more.

What are the Benefits
  • Design & Looks
  • 2 HDD and 2 SSD Slots
  • 1 USB 3.0 Port
  • All Size Motherboard Can Be Installed
  • Space for Cable Management
  • Comes With Dust Filter
  • 7 Fan Slots
  • Air Flow
  • 7 PCI Slots
What are the Drawbacks
  • No Pre Installed Fan
  • No Pre Installed SMPS (Power Supply)
  • Width of the Cabinet

6. Aerocool Cylon ATX Cabinet

Aerocool Cylon ATX Cabinet is one of the best in this list which you can buy. I recommend you to go for it. Now let’s see firstly about the brand and the details of the cabinet Firstly if we take a look at the brand Aerocool is not that much famous in India Market but yes I can say that the brand is not that bad you can check their websites also. So, the final thing I can say that it is good you can go for it. If we talk about the design we can say that the design and look both are best at its price it has a glass side panel which is awesome for gamers to show off their components company is also claiming that they designed this cabinet, especially for the gamers.

Let’s see the details of the cabinet it comes with many features that’s why I recommending one of the best in this list. it can support ATX/micro ATX/Mini-ITX size motherboard which is not that much good but we can compromise it because it has many other features with it. it has pre-install RGB light which can be controlled by you and you can select the best between 12 lighting modes. Now without writing much I mentioned some of the best features in detail below with the pros and cons of buying it.

Best Features

RGB Light With 13 Different Mode: It Comes with Pre Installed RGB Lighting which looks very good and makes it more beautiful and also it has 13 different lighting modes in it.

Design & Look: Design is the thing which matter’s for all the gamers and streamers out there so if we look at this cabinet then I can say that it has the best design and look which makes it best to buy this cabinet. The RGB Light makes the cabinet looks better and the side glass panel is also at its best.

Card Reader Slots: Yes it has a card reader slot that no other cabinet brand gives you at this price. it is best for transferring video photos from a memory card without a card reader you don’t have to buy a separate card reader. now I like this feature most.on the front panel, you got the slot of memory card where you can insert the memory card and do your work.

Glass Side Panel: The side panel of this cabinet is of fully tempered glass if we talk about other cabinets in this list you can check that the other brand uses Acrylic Material in their side panel but this cabinet uses fully tempered glass which is best.

What are the Benefits
  • 1 x 120mm Pre Installed Fan
  • 1 x USB 3.0
  • 7 PCI Slots
  • 5 Fan Slots (1 Rear, 1 Top, 3 Front)
  • Air Flow
  • 3.5” Drive Bays 2 (Compatible with 2.5″ HDD/SSD) 
  • 2.5” Drive Bays 5 Max. (3 x 2.5” and 2 x 2.5”/3.5”) 
  • Liquid Cooling Supported
  • High End Graphic Card Supported
  • Card Reader Slot
  • Specially For Gamers
  • Fully Tempered Glass Side Panel
  • Pre Installed RGB Light
What are the Drawbacks
  • Weight 5.5KG
  • Price is very Little Bit Higher
  • Size of Mother board Supported


Brand CHIPTRONEX is once again in this list because it looks and design, which is better than others. Previously we already take a look at the CHIPTRONEX X410B Cabinet, Which is best at its price range and if we talk about the brand then we already know that CHIPTRONEX is not that much famous brand in the Indian market. But yes we can say that the cabinet by this brand is all worth.

Best Gaming Cabinet Under 3000 | Chiptronex mx2 cabinet

It has many of best features with it in which design and look is obviously at its best the look and awesome and design is simple and best it has fully tempered glass side panel which makes it looks more beautiful and also help you in showing off the component like motherboard, graphic card, etc. inside. Many more features we got with this cabinet Which You can check out below I mention the best features of this cabinet one by one. The dimension of this cabinet is 39 x 20 x 42 cm and weight is around 4.5KG which not that much worse.

Best Features

Design & Look: Design & Look of this cabinet is best for everyone if you are a gamer, streamer, or any other normal user everyone like the design of the cabinet if we take a look deeply then the design is not that much fancy but yes it is best and the RGB lighting and Side glass panel create the look of the cabinet more beautiful.

Chiptronex MX2 cabinet front

Pre Install RGB Fan: it comes with a pre-install fan With RGB Light in it which makes the look of the cabinet more beautiful and the fan helps you to get your CPU cooler. so it has basically 2 in 1 profit you got a fan which helps you to keep CPU cooler and RGB light makes your cabinet looks beautiful.

6 Fan Slots: You can install almost 5 fans in this cabinet which is best for any gaming cabinet on an average you got around 4 fans slots in any other cabinets but this cabinet comes with almost 5 fan slots 1 rear, 3 front, and 2 at the bottom of the cabinet so the issue of heat is not here.

Best Gaming Cabinet Under 3000

Air Flow: As we already know that it has 5 fan slots that’s why we get good airflow 5 fan can help you to get the CPU cool faster the airflow in this cabinet is best because it has one fan on the rear which is usually secondary it has 2 fans at the bottom which helps more and also you get filter at the top for airflow and also in front you will get three fans slots and a good way of airflow.

What are the Benefits
  • Pre Install RGB Light
  • RGB Light Controller Button
  • 2 HDD & 2 SSD Slots
  • Pre Install one RGB Fan
  • Design & Looks
  • 6 Fan Slots
  • Air Flow
  • 1 x USB 3.0
  • Tempered Glass Side Panel
  • Supports Liquid Cooling
What are the Drawbacks
  • No Slots For Optical Disk Drive
  • No SMPS (Power Supply)
  • Cable management
  • Price is Little Bit Higher

Above I have suggested you 7 Best gaming cabinet under 3000. where I described all cabinets one by one and also I mentioned some of the best features in every cabinet and also the pros and cons of the cabinet so that you can easily get the best point in it. Now below I am explaining to you that what things you have to check before buying a Gaming cabinet or normal cabinet in the offline market.

Buying Guide

Also, you need to know what must have points you need to consider when you are buying new Cabinets for your PC Setup.

  • Size
  • Front Panels/Ports
  • Built Quality
  • Design
  • Fan Slot & Fan Air Flow

Size :

First Point to consider is the size of the cabinet. There are different sizes available in the market to buy but you have to analyze that which is best for your pc setup. In the Above List of 7 best Gaming cabinets I also mentioned the size of the cabinet so that you get the detail easily.

Now there are many sizes available of cabinets in the market but mainly it is divided into three categories :

  • Mini Cabinets

Mini Cabinets are basically small cabinets best for those who don’t have much space or who don’t want a fancy look in their cabinets. The price of Mini cabinets is not that high you can buy mini cabinets between 500(INR) to 1200(INR). These Mini Cabinets are best for Offices, Schools Or Organisations, etc. Mini Cabinets are best for places where space and money is a big issue. Mostly These cabinets didn’t come with the fancy design it looks very simple and small that’s why these are mostly used in school, offices, and organizations.

  • Mid Tower Cabinets

These Cabinets are not that much big or not that much small you can say that these are medium size cabinet. Mid Tower Cabinet is mostly used by the people who have not that much money to buy Full Tower. Mid Tower cabinets come with different designs basically it is available in the simple design and on the other hand, it is also available in fancy design. This Mid Tower category Cabinets are Mainly used by almost all types of Users because the thing which everyone wants is the design and it comes with it the main difference from Full Tower Category is that the size of cabinets in this category is not that much big. it comes with medium size. These Cabinets are available in the market from 1000(INR) to 2000(INR).

  • Full Tower Cabinets

Full Tower is an all-time favorite category for the Games and Streamers because this category comes with the best cabinets the size of cabinets in this category is big (More than 22 inches) that’s why it’s looking better than another category. The size of cabinets in this category is big that’s why you can also use more components of pc in this like you can use custom fans, water cooling system, more high power graphic card, and many more components that you cannot use in mini cabinets and mid-tower cabinets. Cabinets of This Category come with the best design and look and it costs you around 2000(INR) to 3000(INR) or more depends on your choice. In this category there comes many options to buy because companies are also more focused on this category rather than others because most people want to buy Full Tower cabinets for their pc setup.

Front Panels/Ports :

checking the front panel of cabinets where there is a USB port audio jack etc are given is one of the important points to consider during buying the cabinets because there are different options available in different cabinets like some cabinets comes with a USB 3.0 port in the front panel and some cabinet only have USB 2.0 only. This is the main thing you have to check during buying the cabinet rather than this you can check many things like the design of the front panel how many USB ports are given in front panel.

Built Quality :

Built Quality also requires more attention here because it gives the cabinet more power you have to check the quality of the cabinet before buying it. Yes, I can say that one disadvantage is that if you go for best-built quality then the weight of the cabinet also increases and that heavyweight cabinet is not that attractive in design. So, here we have to check the built quality but not that much deeper. we just have to check that the cabinet is at least made up of metal. Also, there are different types of material used (some are fibers which are very less used) some are designed of full glass some are designed of half glass and half metal and the last some are designed of steel or you can say iron. Most people go for half metal and half glass which looks attractive and also in budget. Some people choose a full glass material cabinet for their high-end setup which requires more money.

Design :

Now Here Comes one of the important point to consider because all we want a best looking attractive cabinet which makes our setup fully commendable. So, the design of the cabinet is very important now the design mostly depends on the price of the cabinet. that’s why you have to check that which design fits in your budget which you can get at your budget. Mostly the best designs are a little bit high in the rate but also on the other hand sometimes you can get the best design in your budget or below 3000.

Fan Slot & Fan Air Flow :

Fan Slot is normally there in all the cabinets but here we need to watch that how many fan slots are there in that case because when we are continuously playing games our PC getting heated and the more fans we have the more power we have to cool our PC that why we need to watch that how many slots are there. Mostly all cabinets have at least 2-4 fans slots available but if you are setting up a PC for gaming then there are at least 4 extra fans are required. that’s why it is best to buy a cabinet with a minimum of three fan slots. Now Fan Air Flow, this is also a required thing because the flow of air is not in a good direction then it is nonsense to fit an extra fan in your cabinet it is like useless because when the flow is not in the best direction the heat which is inside the cabinet will not get out of it. So, at last, we have to check for fan slots, and also for fan airflow both are dependent on each other.

These Are the point you need to consider during getting a new cabinet for your PC setup. Here I explained all the points one by one you can read all the points one by one and then you can buy the best cabinet at your budget. Also if you don’t want to read it all then I am suggested you 7 Best gaming cabinet under 3000 so you can check out one of these cabinets which you liked most. you can also read about the cabinets below which you like to buy and then select according to your also for your convenience I explained the best things and bad things in that particular cabinets.

What is the use of gaming cabinet?

Gaming Cabinet is basically a Box which is used by computer user, who are basically use computer. It contain all the hardware of computer like Motherboard, SMPS, HDD, DVD writers etc. When you buy a new Computer for Gaming purpose you have to buy a cabinet also because it contain all the hardware which you need to install to play the gaming in your computer. It also helps to give your desk attractive look soo, you need to select best cabinet for you according to your use.

Which is best cabinet?

There are too many cabinet in the market you the thing is you need to select only one which will be best for you and your desk setup. Simply you can check this post where i already mentioned some of the best cabinets under 3000 rather then this i can suggest you some of the best cabinets for you. Here are the list.

Types of Gaming Cabinets?

Basically if you are looking for types of gaming cabinets then i can say that there is no any types of gaming cabinets there in the market. Yes, the thing is there are types of cabinet in the market. Generally there are 3-4 types of cabinets in the market depends on the size. There are mid tower cabinet, full tower cabinet and mini cabinets.

Which is Best Cabinet Brand In India?

Cabinet brands are not that much famous in the Indian market but yes some of the brands are definitely popular in the market which are best at there price. Some of the best brands in the market are BBC, Antec, Cooler Master etc.

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