Smartwatches are like necessary thing in everyone’s life nowadays, because it enhances your personality looks and makes you look more professional. There are many brands in the market that are manufacturing smartwatches, but not all are the best. But yes, there are some brands that are doing very well in the market. Previously I wrote a post about the BEST SMARTWATCHES UNDER 5000. You can check the post for more options. In this post I will explain more about Fire-Boltt Talk 2 vs Phoenix Comparison of the two smartwatches manufactured by the same brand, that is Fire-Boltt. As you definitely heard about this brand in the Indian market as well as international market. It became India’s No.1 Smartwatch brand. So, we can go for the smartwatch of this brand without much worry.

Fire-Boltt is a known brand in audio devices and smartwatches. It has a good customer support and is also a valuable brand. So, selecting the smartwatches of this brand is not that tricky. We just need to check the detail about the watch and the price of the watch.

So, without wasting much time let’s see the comparison of the two watches of the same brand. Which are the Fire Boltt Phoenix and Fire Boltt Talk 2. Both come with good pricing and good features let’s check all the features in detail and select the best one for any buyer out there.

Before writing Fire-Boltt Talk 2 vs Phoenix Comparison let’s take a look at all the features of the smartwatch individually. So that we could compare them easily. The main reason I am comparing these two watches is that the price of both the watches is the same on the official website of the Fire-Boltt.

Fire-Boltt Talk 2

Fire-Boltt Talk 2
  • Firstly, it has 5 color options available through which you can select the best and most attractive one for you.
  • It has Bluetooth calling option which helps you call anyone without using your smartphone just call any number using your smartwatch.
  • Sports modes in this smartwatch are not that accurate in most watches but yes you can use it at some time for good. It comes with 60 Sports modes which are more than enough for normal users.
  • IP68 water resistance helps you to wear your smartwatch in rain or during gymming, running, exercising, etc.
  • The case of this watch is of metal which you know is already a good thing because most of the smartwatches in the market come with plastic cases which are not that strong.
  • SPo2 is also integrated into this watch for checking your Oxygen level. I must say that the sensors are not that accurate but you can use them for approx detail.
  • it has a 1.24-inch display which is a full touch screen and can supports 240×240 resolution the reason I am comparing this watch is that the display colors are amazing of this watch.
  • There are also tons of features like voice assistance, inbuilt games, and much more. Also, talking about the look then we can easily consider that the look is too good because of its round dial screen.

Fire Boltt Phoenix

Fire-Boltt Phoenix
  • Three color options are there Black, Pink, and grey. Pink will look so attractive because of the gold combination with the Pink color. so, you can go with pink if you want the look to be good.
  • It has 1.3 inch round dial HD screen with full touch and a resolution are 240×240. Light is bright and colorful.
  • Bluetooth Calling features are also available here in this watch. You can call with just your watch in your hand.
  • In this watch, you will get around 100 sports modes which I think is useless for most people but yes getting this many sports modes at this price range is amazing.
  • Voice assistance is also there most of the time it is not usable but yes you will get these features also.
  • There are many features it comes with SPo2, Heart Rate Monitoring, Meditation Breathe Control helps you in controlling your breath movement.
  • It is IP67 water resistant which can easily survive normal rain and normal water on it.
  • Inbuilt games are also there for a time to pass although inbuilt games are almost useless because you couldn’t play games on this much of a small screen.

So these are some of the best features in both of the watches you will get. Now, let’s see all the features side by side without much explanation. I am mentioning the features of both the watch side by side through which we can compare both the watches easily and accurately.

Detailed Specification Comparison

DetailsFire-Boltt Talk 2
Fire Boltt Phniox
Display Details32mm 1.28 inch Full Touch Display 240×240 pixel resolution Circular Dial Screen33mm 1.3 inches Full Touch Display 240×240 pixels Resolution Round Dial Display
SensorsOptical Heart Rate Sensor, Capacitive Sensor, Accelerometer SensorCapacitive Sensor, Optical Heart Rate, SpO2
Weight53 grams36.8 grams
Dimensions4.6 x 4.6 x 1.1 cm3.98 x 2.9 x 0.98 cm
BluetoothVersion 5.0Version 5.1
No. of Sports Mode60 Sports Mode100+ Sports Mode
Body TypeMetal CaseNot a Metal Case
IP RatingIP68 Water ResistanceIP67 Water Resistance
Smart FeaturesBluetooth Calling, Inbuilt Games, Low Battery Reminder, Remote Music Control, Remote Camera Control, Sedentary Reminder, Weather Report, Stopwatch Reminder, Timer, Alarm, Wake Gesture, Vibration Alert, DND Mode, Screen Brightness ControlBluetooth Calling, Caller Name Information, Inbuilt Games, Low Battery Reminder, Remote Music Control, Remote Camera Control, Sedentary Reminder, Weather Report, Stopwatch Reminder, Timer, Alarm, Wake Gesture, Vibration Alert, DND Mode, Screen Brightness Control, Voice assistance  
Health MonitorSpO2 Monitoring, Heart Rate Tracking, 24/7 Dynamic Monitoring, Manual Monitoring, Step Tracker, Calories Burned, Distance Travelled, Activity History, Sleep Monitor, Sports Mode  Sleep Monitor, Heart Rate Tracking, Activity History, SpO2 Monitor, Distance Travelled, Calories Burned, Step Tracker, 24/7 Dynamic Monitoring, Manual Monitoring, Sports Mode, Meditative Breathing  
Fire-Boltt Talk 2 vs Phoenix Comparison

As you can clearly compare both watches side by side. Looking at the features of the smartwatch you can see that both the watches have almost the same features. Yes, it is a little bit confusing now to select the best one for you. Let me tell you that selecting the best for you totally depends on your priority or your usage. Like if you are a sports person then you should go with the smartwatch which has more sports modes. Now Let’s Discuss one by one which is best suited for you.

Which One Should You Select?

Both the smartwatches come from the same brand, you can select any one of them because all the things are almost similar in both watches. If you talk about price, features, brands, etc all the things are 95% the same on both the watches.

Now if you are still confused about which one is best for you then stay on this article. I will tell you which one should you select according to your preference or use. So, here I am assuming multiple scenarios:

  1. Let’s say you are a Sports person and you are totally in sports like swimming, running, gymming, etc. So, if you are this type of person and your preference is sports then clearly I can say that you must go with the Fire-Boltt Pheonix because it comes with 100 sports modes compared to Fire-Boltt Talk 2 where you got only 60 Sports modes. Plus Fire-Boltt Pheonix is lightweight and the Bluetooth version is also the latest in Fire-Boltt Pheonix. Yes, t Final conclusion is if your preference is sports and you are buying a smartwatch to track your sports activity then you should go with the Fire-Boltt Pheonix.
  2. In the second scenario let’s say you are a health-conscious person. If you would like to track their health activity like heart rate, oxygen percentage, sleep timing, steps counts, or calories burned, then you can go for any one of them no difference in both of the watches. Yes, there are minor changes in both watches. Like Fire-Boltt talk 2 has a metal case but Fire-Boltt Pheonix has the latest Bluetooth version and more sports mode. According to me if your wrist is a little bit small or thin then you can go with the Fire-Boltt Pheonix because the display of Fire-Boltt Pheonix is a little bit smaller than Fire-Boltt talk 2. Still, If your wrist is not small then you should go with the Fire-Boltt talk 2 because it is a little bit heavy and looks more premium than the Fire-Boltt Pheonix.
  3. In the third scenario let’s assume people just want to buy a watch and his/her budget is around 2000 and there is no need for any special feature then the person can go with the watch which looks more attractive and more premium. In this scenario, a person needs to check the display of the watch and the looks, and color of the watch. In this case, I will suggest the person go with the Fire-Boltt Pheonix. Why? I will explain the reason. The thing is Fire-Boltt Pheonix is a little bit cheaper than the Fire-Boltt talk 2 in sales on amazon or Flipkart. Also, it is more good looking for all the wrist sizes. Whereas the Fire-Boltt talk 2 will not look good on small wrist size. Also, the Fire-Boltt Pheonix has more features like the latest Bluetooth version and more sports modes. Yes, Fire-Boltt talk 2 has one best thing which is a metal case. So, the final conclusion is if budget is not your issue then you can go with the Fire-Boltt talk 2 but if you want value for money product then you should go with the Fire-Boltt Pheonix.

Now I must assume that you had selected the best smartwatch. After reading this comparison article of Fire-Boltt Phoenix vs Fire-Boltt talk 2.


Can You Use both watches while swimming?

No, You can’t use these watches while swimming. Both the watch comes with IP68 and IP67 rating. This means the watch is capable of surviving in small amounts of water. Like sweat while sports activity, minimal rain, etc.

How many watch Faces are there?

There are too much of watch faces are there on both the watches.

What is the strap size?

Both the watches come with a 22mm Standard strap.

Battery Backup of Both watches?

Both watches can provide you a battery backup of around 2 days with calling. Without calling It can last up to around 3 to 4 days.

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