Selecting the best action camera for the money is tough now because there are too many brands in the market. Everyone who is trying to buy a new action camera will definitely get stuck between the Gopro vs DJI vs Insta 360. Because these three are top brands in the market of action cameras.

I will help you in selecting the best one among these three action cameras according to your requirement or your needs.

So, without wasting much time let’s see the comparisons between these three cameras and also the features of these three cameras which will help us in selecting the best one among these. Before comparing all these cameras, we must first check the characteristics of these cameras individually. Which I already mentioned in another blog post (Top 5 Action Cameras in India 2022). You can check this blog for a detailed explanation of the particular camera.


Now let’s compare all the cameras side by side. Also, I mentioned some of your FAQs which is better help you in clearing your doubts.

Detailed Side by Side Comparison

Go Pro Hero 11

DJI Action 2

Insta 360 ONE RS 4K

71.8 W x 50.8 H x 33.6 D (mm)

39×39×22.3 mm



56 g


Removable 1720mAh Enduro Battery

LiPo 1S 580 mAh


Waterproof upto 10m (33ft)

Waterproof upto 10m without Case, 60m with Case

Waterproof upto 16ft

HyperSmooth 5.0 + Linear + Horizon Lock Lens

EIS: RockSteady 2.0+HorizonSteady

6-axis Gyroscope




1.4" Color LCD

1.76 inches 350 ppi





  • USB-C


  • GPS


  • BLE 4.2

  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

  • Live Streaming

  • HyperView

  • SuperView

  • Linear + Horizon Lock / Leveling

  • BLE 5.0

  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

  • 70 minutes @ 1080p/30fps 

  • Built in Storage 32GB

  • BLE5.0

  • 5GHz, 802.11a/n/ac

  • Live Streaming

  • 75 minutes Runtime @ 4K@60fps FlowState mode

  • USB-C

Top 5 Action Cameras in India

Which one should you choose?

Choosing the best one is very tough in this comparison because all the cameras are the best in their own way. Which one is best for you totally depends on your budget and your purpose of use. So, it’s up to you how you are choosing the best camera for you. What is your dependency factor? But if you have doubts then here, I am explaining to you which one you should choose according to your dependency factor. Let’s talk one by one that which one is best for you if you have particular dependencies.


Budget plays a very unique role in selecting the product not just the camera but any product in the market. There are most people in the market look at their budget first at the time of buying a new product (I am also one of them). So, here in this case if budget is your preferred thing, then which one you should select?

According to me if budget is your preference then you can buy almost any of these cameras because all the cameras in this comparison come at almost the same price, not exactly the same but almost the same. Yes, selecting one here is important then I will suggest you go for DJI Action 2 Camera, This suggestion is based on budget only.

DJI Action 2

DJI Action 2 price is lesser than the other two cameras. Also, the camera comes with good features in this price range. If you are a person who wants a camera for not that much use and budget is also your problem then you should definitely get DJI Action 2 Camera.

DJI Action 2 Detailed Review

Purpose of Use:

If budget is not your problem then selecting the best camera totally depends on your use or you can say the purpose of your use. Now, most people buy action cameras for vlogging purposes. Some people do moto vlogging some do daily vlogging and so on. Action cameras provide portability for the vlogger that’s why they are buying action cameras. Also, almost all the moto vloggers use action camera because it best fits their use.

So, if you are a vlogger and you do stuff like daily vlogging or moto vlogging then you should go with the Go Pro Hero 11 which is a little bit costlier but provides you all the best features with it. Yes, there are other options also like Go Pro Hero 10, 9, 8, and so on. You can select from them also. Which will be available at low prices.

Go Pro Hero 11 Detailed Review

Go Pro Hero 11

Now here is the second condition let’s say you are a vlogger and don’t use an action camera for vlogging purposes then you can buy an action camera for secondary shots. Basically, the Action camera is very handy you can take it with you anywhere without any problem. It will also play a good role in the place where there are no DSLR cameras allowed to use. If you are a vlogger but use a DSLR camera for vlogging then you can go with DJI Action 2 Camera. DJI Action 2 has a heating issue in it because of which it can’t record lengthy videos in most situations but yes the quality of DJI Action 2 is very best. That’s why you can keep it for secondary shots.

Also, there is the third condition if you want an action camera as a secondary use with a 360 recording option then there is only Insta 360 4K ONE RS is best for you it can record 360 videos which you can use in between your vlog to make it more interesting. Basically, if 360 recording is your requirement then you must go with Insta 360 4K ONE RS because it can do 360 recording as well as normal recording. You are getting both things in this camera.

INSTA 360 4K ONE RS Detailed Review

Which Camera have more/best features?

The features of the camera make it different from others. Best features become best for buyers. So, checking the features is the most important part of buying any product. So, checking features here in these cameras is also important and required. By the way, I already mentioned the features of these three cameras in my other post. Top 5 Action cameras in India. You can check out that as well for more details. Also, I compared these cameras side by side in this post earlier.

After checking the features we can clearly say that all three cameras come with the best features in their own way. That’s why selecting the best is not so easy here.

Video Quality

Talking about the video quality then clearly the Go Pro Hero 11 is the winner here because it can record 5K video at 60 FPS other action cameras in the market do have not this much of advanced features.

DJI Action 2 can record the highest of 4K videos at 120FPS which is also enough for users but we are checking the best one that’s why GO PRO hero 11 is clearly the winner.

Insta 360 ONE RS 4K also has the best and top options because it can record 6K video at 24 FPS. Yes, the resolution is best but the FPS is very low which is like not good for recording the best video. That’s Insta 360 ONE RS 4k edition is not the winner here.

Winner: GoPro Hero 11


All three cameras have the best stability. Yes, the technology used for stabilization is different in all the cameras. Comparing the technology, we can easily say that the stabilization of all three cameras is best. Go Pro comes with Hypersmooth 5.0. Which makes your video smoother. Whereas, the DJI Action 2 has different technology which is RockSteady 2.0. The last one Insta 360 ONE RS 4K has 6-axis gyro stabilization. Which is a little bit low as compared to the other two cameras.

Looser: Insta 360 One RS 4K

best action camera for the money

There are many more things to cover if we want to compare it more deeply, but I think this is enough for now. I mentioned all the details about the three action cameras here. From this, you can easily select the best one for you according to your use. Yes, below I am mentioning someone the FAQs so that there will be no single doubt in buyers’ minds.




Go Pro Hero 11

DJI Action 2

Insta 360 ONE RS 4K


How do I control these cameras with my phone?

You can easily control your cameras with the phone not fully control off course. There is an app available by the brand which you can download easily and pair with the camera and control it.

Can I use an External microphone with these cameras?

Yes, you can easily use an external microphone with these cameras. The process of the connecting microphone is not the same in these cameras. GoPro provides you with an external microphone adapter which you need to buy separately to connect the external microphone. Whereas in DJI you can directly connect Type-c microphone to the camera.

How long is the battery life of these cameras?

The battery life of all these action cameras is not that good. Also, if you are a heavy user then you must have to buy a separate spare battery for your use. With only one battery you can’t record much. GoPro comes with a 1720mAh battery which I think is enough for normal use. The backup of the battery totally depends on your use or video recording quality. DJI Action 2 has a 530 mAh battery which can provide you a backup of around 70 minutes at recording in 1080p at 30FPS. You can buy a separate power module that comes with a 1300 mAh battery capacity.

Last but not least, Insta 360 comes with a 1445 mAh battery. This is a very good thing and as I told you earlier that the backup of the battery totally depends on your usage.

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