Best Wi-Fi Adapters for PC Under 1000 + Buying Guide

In Today’s world, the internet is one of the most useful things for everyone. We can do almost anything on the internet, we can chat, we can call, we can gain knowledge, and many more. Without the internet is like without food. So here we surf the internet through many different mediums some people use wire to connect through the internet where lan wire plays an important role and most of the people use wireless connection where wifi is widely used. Below I mentioned some of the Best Wi-Fi Adapters for PC Under 1000. Which you can get for you. There are also many other wireless and wire connections but most people use Lan wire or wifi everywhere. Sometimes you get free wifi in public places and sometimes you use your own home network. 

The most important thing is the wifi adapter or wifi chipset through which we are able to connect our devices to any wifi network. In android device wifi chipset is already installed by the brand it has many different chipsets available in the market but it is chosen by the brand of your android device that which chipset will be installed. The same thing applied on the laptop also the wifi chipset is integrated in the motherboard of the laptop which is chosen by the brand of your laptop. Now if we talk about Desktop computers we didn’t get any wifi chipset here that is one of the disadvantages with the Desktop users but now as we know that the wifi is used widely in this world so nowadays Desktop computers are also available with integrated wifi chipset in it. Now, this is still applied to all the Desktop Computer Still There are many Desktop Computer that doesn’t have wifi in it. 

To get rid of this problem we get introduced with a USB wifi adapter which we can use in any device by inserting in the USB port on that device. So the problem of integrated wifi chipset is solved and we can easily connect to wifi networks. Brands like Tp-Link, Tenda, D-Link, Terabyte, and many other brands launched their USB wifi adapter in the market with different prices and also different features. Below I am explaining 8 best wifi adapters which you can check out and if you want to buy then I also mention some best points which you can read and get to know which USB adapter is best and you can go for it.

List of Best Wi-Fi Adapters for PC Under 1000

TENDA TE-W311MI150Mbps/2.4Ghz379 INR (Check)
TP-Link TL-WN722N150Mbps/2.4Ghz749 INR (Check)
D-Link DWA-131300Mbps/2.4Ghz699 INR (Check)
TP-Link TL-WN821N300Mbpas/2.4Ghz699 INR (Check)
Leoxsys LEO-HG150N150Mbps/2.4Ghz790 INR (Check)
Terabyte 500Mbps Mini Wireless300Mbps/2.4Ghz298 INR (Check)
Mercusys MU6H AC650[email protected] [email protected]799 INR (Check)
The Price In this list is not same it is the price when i published this post. That’s why check price for better confirmation.


Tenda is one of the best brands in producing networking devices for us. if produce many different networking devices like router, WiFi adapters, repeaters, etc. that’s why I added this USB WiFi adapter of tenda which is “tenda te-w311mi” which is best I almost all aspect if we talk about its size then I can say that it is one of the smallest USB WiFi adapter available in the market with powerful specs. Also, it has the best features in it. I already mentioned all the features below of this USB wifi adapter for you. check out that and then you can easily get to know that it is worth it for you or not.

Best usb wifi adapter for pc
  • the chipset is integrated with Wireless n technology with 2.4Ghz wireless speeds of up to 150mbps and I think this is best at this price you can’t get more than 150 Mbps at this price with a known brand.
  • It comes with Wpa/wpa2 security which provides better security connections as Wpa/wpa2 is still used by many devices yes it is outdated but still, the new security is not available everywhere that’s why it is best also.
  • Design is one of the best features in this Device it has an Ultra-compact design and nearly invisible when you insert it in the pc or anywhere in USB, it becomes invisible because of its size, and also it looks good. The dimension of the Device is 19.05 x 1.27 x 11.43 cm.

2. TP-Link TL-WN722N

Now here is TL-WN722N which is produced by TP-Link one of the top network device manufacturers in India which is also popular among all the market out there. Now, this wifi adapter is best because of the brand but the size of this adapter is big, and sometimes that big size becomes a disadvantage for users. yes, it has a feature if the WPS button on it which is useful for the connection of the WPS encrypted network. It comes with an antenna in it which is useful for extending the range os the adapter. This adapter is one of the famous adapters among these because it is used for hacking purposes and also people are confused about this adapter because some of its units are supported wifi hacking and some are not that’s why. so let me clear this wifi adapter has three or maybe four different versions in the market version 1 support wifi hacking but version 2,3 and 4 didn’t support wifi hacking so if you want to but it for wifi hacking then check this before buying it. Now below I am mentioning some of the best and worst points of this wifi adapter.

  • 3dBi external antenna. It has an antenna which is detachable and yes it is one of the best features in this WiFi adapter that it has a separate antenna which is best for connectivity and yes one more best thing is that the antenna is detachable so whenever you don’t want to use antenna you can detach it and whenever you need it you can connect it.
  • WPS Button is now the second-best feature you get in it which helps you to easily connect to WPS enabled encrypted network.
  • it comes with a 3-year manufacturing warranty which is best.
  • maximum speed supported by this wifi adapter is 150Mbps which is not that much good at this price point. so if the speed is not your priority then you can go fo this wifi adapter.

3. D-Link DWA-131

D-Link is also one of the best brands among these in the market that’s why I selected this in the list. it comes with a small compact design which looks good and also useful. the one different feature in this adapter is that it has a small led light in it which indicates the ongoing data transfer. this adapter supports wireless N. installation is also so easy it comes with just plug and plays option. Now the best thing is this adapter is that it supports speed up to 300Mbps at this price. it uses smart antenna technology. Now as usual below I mentioned some of the best features of this adapter.

  • Supports Maximum speeds up to 300Mbps which is the best thing I can say because at this price range no other recognizable brand provides this much speed in any wifi adapter.
  • small and compact design looks good and also it is useful some of the time you got this feature in almost all adapters.
  • it has a smart antenna feature that transmits network to a large area without an external antenna and also it transfers data to multiple devices at the same time easily.

4. TP-Link TL-WN821N

TP-Link TL-WN821N comes with brand Tp-Link which we already know that it is a known brand in the market and now the TP-Link TL-WN821N is something you can say the big brother of TP-Link TL-WN722N which I explained in the first of this list it is almost the same as TP-Link TL-WN722N the features in both adapters are almost same but some of the features are different also. now the changes I talked about the look then the main difference is that it comes without an antenna but yes it supports more speed then TP-Link TL-WN722N. it supports 300Mbps without an antenna that’s why it is more reliable then TP-Link TL-WN722N. no more different features we get in this adapter it is the same as TP-Link TL-WN722N. below are some of the best features if available.

  • supports speed up-to 300Mbps which is best and we can use this adapter for streaming gaming and many more with this speed supports.
  • comes with a WPS button which helps us to connect to WPS security-enabled wifi network easily.

5. Leoxsys LEO-HG150N

In this list here is one of the adapter which supports packet injection or monitoring mode for wifi hacking in kali linux but yes if we talk about the brand then i never heard of this brand before but after that i added this adpter in this list is because of that it supports monitoring mode and packet injection which many people finding. The brand is Leoxsys which is Chinese brand that’s why i can’t recommend you this because we can’t say that how much time it will work and also there is no service centre of this adpter in india. yes if i focus on the features then also i didn’t find any best features which is best then other. that’s why i can’t recommend this to anyone but yes if you want a wifi adapter for wifi hacking then you can go for it. The price is little bit higher but yes if it works then it is worth.

Below are some of the main features of this wifi adapter I mentioned below.

  • It has an external antenna which provide more network coverage for us and also it is a 3dBi rotatable antenna which provide more stability in the connections.
  • speeds supported by this Wi-Fi adapter is about 150Mbps which is not that much good but if speed if not your priority then you can check this out.

6. Terabyte 500Mbps Mini Wireless

It is one of the worst USB adapters for high-quality use because it is produced by a local company in the market but the main reason why I added this adapter is that it comes with a very low price in the market and normally works for you if you have to work highly then don’t use this but if you use wifi adapter not that much then you can go for this cheap wifi adapter which comes around 200-300 INR you can check the price in the table which is mentioned in the top of this page.

The company mentions that it can support up to 500Mbpbs but I don’t think that this is right because I used this adapter earlier and it doesn’t support 500Mbps but yes it will support all the operating system it can work in windows and Linux both. It comes with a small size which is very portable for use. Now the main thing is that if you want to buy a wifi adapter at low price and you don’t use that much then you can go for it but if you are searching wifi adapter for best speed best coverage then doesn’t buy this.

7. Mercusys MU6H AC650

This adapter in the list is one of the best adapters also I can say the best among these adapters in this list. Now the thing is that it comes with the branding of Mercusys which is unknown in the Indian market. it is a Chinese brand. So, it up to you that you want to buy Chinese products or not. Now the main point is why I am adding this adapter in this list. the main reason is that it has many best features we get at this price range. none other then this brand provides this many features in any adapter.

The design of this wifi adapter is also good yes I can say that the size is a little bit big but it worth it because it comes with an external antenna and if supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz both at the same time so there is no problem of speed in this adapters. So here if the speed is your main point to buy a USB wifi adapter then you can go for it with any problem. the one thing which is not good about this product is that it is a Chinese brand and there is no service centre of this brand in India but yes maybe you can go to TP-Link service centre and then you got the service for this brand also. Now You can check out some of the best points of this adapter below which I mentioned.

  • one of the best thing in this adapter which makes this different from other in this list is that it has 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz which supports 200Mbps and 433Mbps respectively. that’s why if the speed is the main thing for you then you can go for this adapter.
  • it has an external big antenna that comes with 5dBi which helps to connect any network with better stability and good connection.
  • here is one bad thing about this adapter is that it only supports windows os it neither support Linux or Mac Os. It can only work in windows.

Above I explained one bye one about all the Wi-Fi adapter which are here in the list of Best Wi-Fi Adapters for PC Under 1000 which you can buy from the link given with it. Now it’s your choice that which one you will choose or which one best fits for your circumstances.

Buying Guide

There are many things you have to check before buying a new wifi adapter I mentioned some of the points which you can consider while buying the wifi adapter according to your use. Mainly the features will depend on your use because you can’t get everything in one product with less amount. So, you have to check that which feature you want most and which feature you can compromise.

So the features which you have to check before buying any wifi adapter is :

  • Speed
  • Size
  • Antenna coverage
  • Which Wireless Technology Used

So above these are the 4 best feature you have definitely check before buying a new wifi adapter also there are many more features which you have to check but these four are the best ones which are must-have in any wifi adapter.

Speed: Now here the speed is one of the most important things in any wifi adapter and yes it is useful for almost all the users out there. So speed is the first thing you have to check before buying any wifi adapter. In the list above I mentioned speeds also os all the wifi adapters. Now Here Speed means not only internet speed but also the processing speed also the transmitting speed of the data. Now generally budget wifi adapter supports at least 150 Mbps and the transmission is at least 2.4Ghz but if you higher in amount then you get more speed like 300MBps 600Mbps and more also transmission speed 5Ghz and more. it basically depends on the money. But generally, it comes with 150 to 300 Mbps and 2.4 to 5 GHz Speed.

Size: Second thing is size now the size is not that much important but yes in some scenario size of the wifi adapter also matters that’s why I am explaining this point in detail. you have to check for size also because some times a small wifi adapter is better than big sized wifi adapter. the tiny size is the best I can say so always find small size.

Antenna Coverage: It is the important thing if you have a big house or office in which you are going to use that wifi adapter basically if the area if big where you are going to use the wifi adapter then you must have to focus this point. Because different wifi adapter comes with different coverage of the antenna. So always check the antenna if the wifi adapter comes with an external antenna then go for it. Wifi adapter wifi external antenna has more coverage than the adapter without an antenna. So I can say that in most of the cases choose the wifi adapter which comes with an external antenna and also check for the dBi of the antenna the more dBi you get the better coverage you have.

Wireless Technology Used: Technology used in the WiFi adapter is also the features we have to check before buying it because speed and connection compatibility with other WiFi devices also depend on the technology used in those devices. now the technologies which are mainly used in almost all the devices are IEEE 802.11 which has many different versions like 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n which runs on 2.4Ghz processors. There are many more technologies are available in the market the mainly these 3-4 are used by many of the brands that why if are you buy a new wifi adapter you have a check that at least these feature must be in there.

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