Action Cameras are slowly taking place of other cameras like DSLRs in the market. Also, the craze for Action cameras is increasing day by day in the vlogging section. Because the top action camera provides good video quality fact latest action camera launched by the GO PRO can provide you recording on 5.2K resolution. Vloggers/bloggers are recommending Top 5 Action Cameras in India because of their size and the quality it gives.

It is handier for vloggers as compared to the DSLR with an external mic. All types of vloggers are very satisfied by the action cameras rather it’s lifestyle vloggers, travel vloggers, or moto vloggers. Every Vlogger are liking it. Noticing this much-increasing craze day by day new brands are getting entry into the market of Action Camera. Although not all are performing well.

Yes, the price of the action camera provided by the top brand is a little bit costly because of which beginner people failed to buy it. So, below in this post we will talk about the Top 5 Action Cameras in India in detail and try to clear our doubt about which one is best for you.

Basically in this post, I am explaining about 10 action cameras that are the best in the market. 5 cameras are on the main list but I will also mention the alternative to those 5 cameras. so, you can select the best one according to your budget.

List of Top 5 Action Cameras in India

Action CamerasPrice
1. Go Pro Hero 11CHECK PRICE
3. Insta 360 ONE RS 4K EditionCHECK PRICE

Go Pro Hero 11 Black

GoPro Hero 11 Black is the latest version of GoPro which is launched around 1 month ago. Go pro is a very well-known brand in the market of Action cameras. It is something that every vlogger wants to have on their wishlist. GoPro provides many features, and that’s why everyone wants to get it in their hand. We will further talk about the features in detail.

gopro hero 11 black dual screen

GoPro has many versions: GoPro hero 10 GoPro hero 9 also and so on. You can select according to your use. The latest one is GoPro hero 11. Now let’s see the features of the go pro 11 black point by point

  • GoPro has its developed features in their os through which the recording could be automatically uploaded to the cloud storage.
  • It can record video of 5.2K resolution with 60 FPS. Which is the best part of this latest GoPro action camera. Also, it can easily record 2.4k resolution videos with 240 FPS.
  • It can easily capture 27 MP High-Resolution pixel photos.
  • Go pro hero 11 black has hyper smooth 5.0. That can easily stabilize your video without much problem, and this is one of the reasons why everyone like to buy GoPro cameras.
  • Now it has one new feature in this version of GoPro which is Horizon lock. Which we can already seen on this camera. So, maybe this one is copied from DJI
  • Image Sensor is same as previous version cameras.
  • The camera is waterproof and can go up to 33ft deep in the water.
  • Dual LED screens are there although this is not a new feature because Gopro hero 10 and 9 has also dual screens for a better vlogging experience.
  • GoPro 11 Blacks’ Hyperloop 5.0 has also an Auto Boost option which will make the video smoother.
  • Now it has a new HyperView option which is an extended version of the wide-angle view.
  • You can take high-resolution photos from running video because of its 24.7 MP camera.
  • It can record video in 240 FPS because of which we can make it slow motion up to 8X.
  • It has a tool in the camera which is Hindsight through which the camera can capture a 30-sec recording before you press the recording button.
  • Schedule Capture is also there through which we can schedule the recording at a certain time.
  • Duration capture comes with this GoPro also through which we can record the video of a certain duration.
GOPRO hero 11 black

The biggest problem with the Go pro action cameras is their cost. It is a little bit higher than other cameras out there in the market. Why I am mentioning costly because the camera is a little bit costly plus you have to buy an external mic adapter and after that an external mic for better audio quality because the camera doesn’t support any external microphone without the mic adapter. You can also buy media mods that make your audio quality better.

DJI Action 2

DJI action 2 is my personal favorite because of its features and the price as compared to the GoPro camera. The brand DJI is especially known for the manufacturing of drones. It also manufactures action cameras. Now let’s check the feature of this camera in detail.

Top 5 Action Camera in India_DJI action 2 camear
  • DJI has some unique features in it. Like if has magnetic features through which you can connect and disconnect the extra battery or screen module easily.
  • It can record 4K resolution video with 120 FPS. which is the highest in this camera.
  • The DJI action 2 is waterproof and can survive easily up to 10m deep in the water.
  • It has a super wide FOV mode through which you can record the video at a super wide angle. It can provide you with around 155-degree comprehensive video.
  • It has also a horizon steady through which video will become stable horizontally.
  • The body is fully aluminum.
  • The weight is also very low because the camera is very small in size.
  • it has also a slow motion option and can make a slow motion up to 8x.
  • it has two module extra comes from the brand which you need to buy separately. The first one is dual screen mode. The second one is the battery module which helps to get more battery power.
  • It has also an inbuilt ROM. Which can provide you storage of around 23Gb. If you want to extend the storage then you need to attach a battery module in which you get the memory card slot.
  • there are 2-3 mounts that come with it which are different and useful for different scenes.
  • It has a neckless type mount which is useful if you are making an FPV video.
  • DJI will also provide you with an app names DJI Mimo. Through which you can edit videos on your phone easily.

So, these are the features of DJI. Yes, we can clearly see that if we compare it with the GoPro then it will lose the game. But it has all the features which are required for a normal person or vlogger out there. Through this, we can easily add this to the list of Top 5 Action Cameras in India.

Also, the price of this camera is much cheaper than the GoPro in the market.

now let’s check out the disadvantages of this camera which we will get. The biggest problem with this camera is: It will get heated in less time because of its aluminum body. Yes, an aluminum body is good for protecting the camera but here it affects the camera.

Alternative: DJI OSMO Action Camera

DJI OSMO action camera

Insta 360 ONE RS 4K Edition

Insta 360 is new in the market of action cameras and it comes with some of its unique and best action cameras on the list. It has unique features which attract more people. The best feature and unique feature of this camera are it comes with the 360 view option. Through which you can record a 360-degree video. So, if you want to buy a 360-degree recording camera and an action camera, this one is best for you. Let’s see the details of this camera with its unique features of this camera.

INSTA 360 Action camera
  • The stability is best in this camera in the 360-degree recording. Also, it has a horizon lock option which will make your camera more stable in a horizontal position.
  • It is a waterproof camera that can easily survive up to 16 ft into the water.
  • It has a 4K boost lens. Which can record 4K video at 60 FPS and can capture photos at a 48MP sensor.
  • The wide angle of this camera will also play a very good role by providing you with around 5K wide angle screen support.
  • It has also a 1-inch more wide lens through which you can capture 5.2K footage easily.
  • Now it has different stabilization as compared to other action cameras. It has flow-state stabilization which can stabilize the video more amazingly without any further editing.
  • With a 4K boost lens in this camera, you can create the slow motion of the recorded video up to 8X. 4X in the 360-degree recorded video.
  • It has a unique design that no other camera will provide. It has the camera lens screen and battery everything are in a separate module.
  • It has its own official app through which you can edit the video and render it on your phone.
  • It has the best mic placed in the camera. Also, it has a noise reduction option through which you can remove the background noise easily.
  • While recording you can zoom the recording up to 2.7x.
  • It comes with a 1445 mAh battery. which can be enough to capture your movement.
  • The deep track is also there in the edition app through which you can track a person or object easily in 360-degree video.

So, now basically I will suggest you go for this camera. If you want to record 360-degree videos and a camera at the best price then this one is best for you. If you are a moto vlogger then this one is not that good for you. Yes, you can get this for the 360 footage required in your vlog. By the way, this camera has also a unique build through which it becomes very small and can easily fit in your hand.

The alternative to this camera is insta 360 GO 2. Insta360 GO 2 is also a very good camera the best part of that camera is it is the smallest action camera there in the market. You can go for that one also, but the battery backup is a little bit low.

Alternative : INSTA 360 GO 2



SJCAM brands are also very known in the market of action cameras because it provides a very budget action camera for beginners out there. Yes, the quality of the SJCAM action cameras is not that good as compared to others like GoPro, INSTA 360, and DJI. But yes if your budget is tight and you want an action camera at a small cost then you can go for this one. It has more options available like you can go for SJCAM sj4000, sj5, sj6, etc.


the quality of this brand is a little bit low but yes I can say that this brand will provide you with more features as compared to the other camera, not all the features are unique but yes it has the best and more features than others at this low price range. So, without wasting much time let’s take a look at the features of this camera.

  • The screen size of this camera is 1.3 + 2.33 because there is a dual screen in this camera. you can vlog easily with the second screen placed at the back of the camera.
  • It has a record highly 4K at 60FPS but yes the video is not that good quality.
  • This SJCAM camera can survive water up to 5m deep but you can go up to 30m deeper with the help of a waterproof case that comes with this camera.
  • Six-axis gyro stabilization is also there which helps in stabilizing the video although the stabilization is not as good as compared to the other action cameras on the market.
  • A wide angle is the required thing in any action camera. this camera has also a wide-angle lens which can show you around a 170-degree view angle.
  • The battery in this camera is around 1300 mAh which is a little bit low but can be enough for you or you can buy spare batteries for your use.
  • It easily supports a 5G wifi network for fast video transmission.
  • Slow motion is as usual as others which are around 8x slow motion video.
  • The best thing is this camera is the lens hood of this camera is replaceable. So, if it breaks it can be changed easily. Also, you can replace the lens hood with the filter lens available on the market. Yes, the lens hood is covered with a metal frame.
  • The weight of this camera is around 112g.

Alternatively, you can select the other models of the SJCAM brands.

So these are some of the features of this camera you can check out. Basically, if your budget is low and you want to buy an action camera that is enough for your use then you can select this one because it has not very good quality but yes it is enough for someone who is a beginner in this thing. if your budget is good and you want the best one then you don’t have to go with this one. Actually, SJCAM is providing the best camera at its price range. So, this camera is budget-friendly.

NG Sports 4K

NG Sports 4K action camera comes with some of the features which action cameras have. Talking about the brand then it is manufactured by the NG brand which is unknown in the market. But yes it is available on Amazon and Flipkart. The features of this camera are not that good but why I added this camera to the list of Top 5 Action Cameras in India is because it has a very low price and can easily do your work not very well but yes it can do your work. So, if your budget is very low and wants a camera for your use then this camera can be useful for you.

ng sports action camera

Now let’s check the features of this camera and decide whether it is worth this price range or not.

  • It is a 4K resolution camera that can easily capture video in 4K at 60 FPS. Although it will not justice the real 4K. Yes, the brand claims that this can record 4K easily.
  • This action camera can also capture 2.7K resolution video at the FPS of around 30 and 1080p at 120 FPS.
  • It has captured photos of around 24MP camera through which the photo will get crisper and more clear.
  • This camera comes with 2 Displays same as other cameras on the market. The Primary display size is 2 inches and the secondary display size is 1.3 inches.
  • Talking about the wide angle of the camera then this camera can capture a 170-degree angle which is enough at this price range.
  • Also, the best part is it comes with some of the best accessories which no other brand will provide excluding the SJCAM brand. Almost a total of 12 accessories are there in the box of this camera.
  • This camera has its own remote that comes with the camera which can be helpful sometimes in controlling the camera.
  • As usual, this camera is also waterproof and can easily go deep up to 30 meters.
  • Talking about the stabilization of this camera then this camera comes with EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization). Which is not that good for action cameras out there but yes it’s better than nothing.
  • Recording slow motion is also not that good in this camera because the camera can record slow motion at 30FPS.
  • weight of the camera is 60g.

So, there are the features of this camera as you can clearly see that this camera doesn’t have that many features.

ng sports 4k action camera

Yes if we take a look at the price of this camera then the features are enough I can say. This camera is good for the beginner person who doesn’t have that much of a budget to buy costly cameras. Then the person can go with this camera in their initial days.

Now I am also mentioning a quick table that will help many people out there in comparing these 5 cameras in the list of Top 5 Action Cameras in India.

DetailsGoPro Hero 11DJI Action 2INSTA 360 One RS 4k EditionSJCAM SJ10ProNG Sports 4K
Video Recording5.3K@60 FPS, 2.4K@240 FPS4K@120FPS5.2K@25FPS4K@60 FPS4K@60FPS, 2.7K@30FPS, 1080@120FPS
StabilizationHyper Smooth 5.0 + Horizon SteadyRockSteady 2.0 + Horizon SteadySix Axis gyro stabilization + Horizon LockSix Axis Gyro StabilizationElectronic Image Stablization
WaterproofUp to 33ftUp to 10M without case, 60M with caseUp to 16FT5M without Case, 30M with caseUpto 30M
No. of ScreenDual ScreenSingle Screen, Have to buy separate dual screen modeSingle ScreenDual ScreenDual Screen
Wide AngleUltra wide@ 155 degrees view angleSuper-Wide FOV mode @155 degree view angle360-degree view angle170-degree Wide angle viewWide-angle@170 degree
Slow Motion8X Slow Motion8X Slow Motion8X in normal mode, 4X in 360-degree mode8X Slow MotionSlow motion at 30FPS
Weight117grams56 grams135 grams112 grams60 grams
Battery1720 mAh battery580mAh + 1300 mAh battery module1445 mAh battery1300 mAh battery
ProsBrand  Value, Trust of Customers, Video QualityInbuilt Storage, Small in Size, Metal Body, Price, Video Quality, Separate screen, and battery module
Action + 360-degree camera, user can separate all the modules, Price is also good,View Angle, Cheaper than most of the action cameras on the market,Can record 4K videos, weight is low, view angle, price
ConsPrice, freezing ProblemHeating Problem, Battery CapacityNot for professionals, video quality is not that goodNo brand value, not good slow motion
AlternativeGoPro Hero 9, 10, 8DJI OSMO Action CameraINSTA 360 Go 2SJCAM 6 Legend, SJCAM 8Other cameras at this price

Thanks for reading this post. Now I hope this post will help you in selecting the best action camera for you according to your use and your budget. You can comment on any query you have in the below section. Also, I will try to write a new post in which it will guide you about the buying guide of action camera through which can able to check the things which are necessary to check at the time of buying a new action camera.

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